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Tips for Grouting Glass Tile

Posted by Jamie Tomassetti on Sep 30, 2015 1:37:00 PM

Your glass tile is adhered to the wall … and it’s looking real good (so far)! Now it's the home stretch. Complete your project on a high note by following these simple grouting tips.  


Use the right grout.

While it’s usually best to use an un-sanded grout for a glass tile application, you should check and see what the manufacturer recommends.  

Slow and steady wins the race.

Many of the mistakes that happen while grouting glass tile are due to rushing the process. Yes, we feel your pain … creating a design and getting the tile up on the wall took lots of time and effort. Can the project just be finished already?! Well, you’ve come this far so maintain that patience … you’re almost there! While you need to complete your work before the grout dries up, take the time to uniformly distribute it throughout.  

Controlled motion.

Spread the grout across the tile in a 45-degree angle. Then finish up using a back and forth motion. This technique will help ensure the grout gets everywhere it needs to go.

Grab your sponge.

After you’ve evenly applied the grout, remove the excess grout on top of the glass tile using a clean sponge. This will help even out the grout joints and give a finished look to your design. 

Clear the haze.

In many cases, a light haze will form on top of the glass tile after grouting. If this happens, simply wipe the haze off using a soft cloth and, just like that, the luster is back! 

Happy grouting! Need help figuring out how much grout you'll need for your project? Use Mapei's handy Grout Calculator


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