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6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Vanity

Posted by Jamie Tomassetti on Jul 23, 2015 10:00:00 AM

If you're remodeling your bathroom, the first item on your agenda is probably a new vanity! Serving as a focal piece, the vanity is not just a home for your sink ... it's a key design element that will determine how you decorate and design the rest of the space. Before buying your new vanity, here are six things to first consider.  


1. Size

The size of your bathroom will ultimately determine what size (and perhaps style) vanity is best suited for the workable space. While you may have your heart set on a double sink, keep in mind that most double sink vanities run anywhere from 60-72 inches. If your bathroom can't comfortably accomodate a large width, then it's time to move on and begin your hunt for a spectacular single sink unit. Know your dimensions and jot down the width as well as maximum depth prior to shopping. 

2. Storage

Do you need a spot to hide all of your "getting-ready-goodies" like make-up, brushes, cotton balls, etc.? How about space to organize your cleaning products or larger objects like a blowdryer or first aid kit? Maybe you need cabinets and drawers. Or maybe you don't need any storage at all. Either way, this is a really important item to consider prior to purchasing your vanity.

3. Style

You'll want to determine your style of vanity early on because there are lots of options out there. Besides helping to narrow down your selection, pinpointing a style will also help to pinpoint the other vanity accoutrements you will need such as faucets and hardware.  

4. Sink(s)

If your workable space will allow for more than one sink, the next question to ask yourself is, "How many sinks do I actually need?" If the vanity is going into a low-traffic bathroom, a single sink might do. If multiple people will be using the vanity (and potentially at the same time), then multiple sinks is probably the way to go. A side note on sinks: If you're purchasing a custom vanity top, put careful consideration into the placement of the sink cut-outs. Make sure the spacing is comfortable and provides an overall aesthetically pleasing look to the unit.   

5. Plumbing

Depending on the style vanity you choose, you may need to reroute pipes and drains. Changing the plumbing will certainly affect the complexity level (and budget) of the project so keep those pipes in mind when selecting your new vanity.

6. Height

Trying to get ready at a vanity that's too short or too tall can be extremely frustrating. Take into consideration who the end-users are and what would be the most comfortable vanity height for them. As a general rule of thumb, Designer Robert Berkovich of European Cabinets & Design Studio recommends aiming for a height of 34-35 inches. 

Ok, so you're officially six steps closer to making your vanity purchase! Now it's time to read the next blog post in our Vanity Series: How to Choose a Vanity Top. By educating yourself at the beginning of the process, we're convinced you will be victorious in your new vanity purchase! 


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