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No More Scuffs From Scruffy - Floor Choices for Pet Owners

Posted by GENROSE Stone and Tile on Aug 4, 2020 1:57:41 PM

GENROSE Stone and Tile Has Stylish Options for Pet Owners 

When remodeling a room, the main things that a homeowner may be concerned with is the value-added and aesthetic of their decisions. An equally important factor all renovators should consider, especially those with pets, is the durability and longevity of their flooring selections. Dogs, cats, and other domesticated companions are notorious for leaving scuffs and scratch marks on the surfaces they explore. Choosing a foundation that's resistant to your furry friend’s paws or claws is essential for upholding the value of your renovations and the beauty of your home. GENROSE Stone and Tile has flooring options for pet owners, no matter what your style preference.

Modern and Minimalist Style: Beachwood Porcelain Tiles

Beachwood tiles have a hardwood-like appearance that adds an earthy element to any room. However, unlike wood, they are not easily worn-in or chipped by the stomping or skittering of families, friends, and furry feet. Should your pets have an accident or make a mess, this porcelain tile’s smooth, and water-resistant surface is easily cleaned with a simple sweep of the broom or mop. The look of natural wood blended with the scratch-resistant durability of glazed porcelain tile makes Beachwood an ideal choice giving a serenely relaxing atmosphere that you and your pet can enjoy for years to come . Beachwood Tile


Beachwood wood-look tile

(above) Beachwood Wood-Look Porcelain Tile in White

For a Luxe Living Space: Jewelstone Porcelain

Marble-like in appearance, Jewelstone Porcelain is the perfect choice for the pet owner with an eye for elegance. As strong as marble is, it can still scratch if not sealed properly.  Scratch resistant and stain-resistant porcelain tile makes clean-up a breeze. Also fur is easily swept up from the stylish tile’s matte or polished finish. Jewelstone collection is a versatile choice for that particular pet owner. Jewelstone Tile

jewelstone stone-look porcelain in taupe

(above) Jewelstone Stone-Look Porcelain Tile in Taupe

Warm and Rustic Charm: Chicago Porcelain Tiles

The old-world charm of brick flooring adds character to any home and hearth, but real brick runs the risk of chipping or cracking over time. Chicago closely mirrors natural tones and textures in a durable porcelain tile. Chicago is fierce, rich, and alive. The authentic imperfections, city name stamps, and craftsmanship of this tile inspires people and pets alike to curl up and enjoy the coziness.  Chicago Tiles


Chicago porcelain tile in state street

(above) Chicago Porcelain Tile in color State Street

No matter your pets or style preferences, GENROSE Stone and Tile has the optimal selection of tiles that will add value and style to your home while being durable enough to withstand the extra wear and tear a furry companion bears on your floors. For product collections, inspired looks, and locations, visit https://www.genrose.com to plan your paw-print friendly flooring today. 

Every tile is unique. For many homeowners, little imperfections and etches in the tile’s surface become part of the tile’s story, but for others, maintaining the original look is important. To ensure you pick the right tile for your needs, contact the professionals at GENROSE Stone and Tile at one of our eleven Northeast locations, or visit  www.genrose.com.

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